Our team of educational specialists have a wealth of experience working with students in grades K-12. We are dedicated to providing quality academic, social, emotional and behavioral support for both students and families. At Middlesex Educational Services, we believe that when students are understood and their needs appropriately supported, they can succeed in school and in life. We are school psychologists, therapists, teachers and advocates.

Tutoring Services


Behavior coaching teaches techniques and strategies to help children understand how to self-regulate, apply coping strategies, identify their areas of strength and areas of challenge, and more.

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Provides children and adolescents opportunities to gain skills in social interaction through a purposeful and therapeutic approach.


Executive Functioning is a set of skills that we use everyday – they help us learn, stay organized, follow directions, handle emotions, and more!

Supporting students & families
to reach their highest potential.

John is benefiting greatly from MES content in the short time that he has attended the Tuesday evening social skills group. John looks forward to his weekly session, is more inquisitive and gaining confidence with each session. Your services are a much needed blessing in these difficult times and Donna S. is so well versed to advocate on our behalf. Thank you.

Gwendoline Valley

My children arrive at MES with enthusiasm and excitement and leave feeling energized and happy. They have each gained such confidence and “tools” they are putting to use in their classrooms as well as at home. This group of highly competent professionals quickly assessed their needs and delivered. My kids feel good about the skill sets they are improving and developing and come home sharing ideas with the family. It is very obvious that they feel a sense of connection to the staff as well as the other students. We are most grateful for the level of commitment of the staff to service kids. This business is a gift!

Bridget Camara

I am so happy I found MES. They have such a variety of programs offered and the staff there are so friendly and welcoming. My child loves going. Will be enrolling my younger son in the Fall too!

Christina Horn

Both of my kids LOVE MES and all of the amazing teachers. Even my daughter who is super shy always feels comfortable and leaves so happy and excited! The teachers do a great job of making learning fun & interactive.

Olivia Breen

Gina was so good with my 16 year old son. She was very helpful organizing and setting up his weekly to do list. she gave him many tools that he has used on his own. THANK YOU GINA!

Shannon Williams Krieger